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Technicolor Gamut of Electoral Emotions

November 13, 2016


What angers me most is that nothing has changed in 50 years. The bigotry of then is still alive and well, and now feels like it can crawl out from underneath rocks. It's no surprise that the KKK, white supremacists, etc. have endorsed our president-elect. It's not enough for him to reject the endorsements because the endorsements speak volumes. If you don't want the endorsements, then stop promoting what these groups find acceptable.

Sometimes a Decent Notion

February 28, 2011


The corporate structure in our current practice of capitalism is basically dysfunctional and untenable.

Lies, Lies & More Lies

February 14, 2011


I have never been more angry at the state of our government and politics -- since I was a teenager, railing at the Vietnam War, segregation, sexism and rampant poverty in the face of such great abundance -- until now.