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It Can Happen Here

January 18, 2016


And it will. Unless… I have what’s called a Cassandra Complex. Back in 1980 I knew that a washed up B-movie actor riding high on his evisceration of California in the name of a tax revolt was a serious contender for President. In 2000, I knew W. would ride well above any doubts as to […]

Liable for Libel

January 13, 2011


My working definition of libel is: "A published account that is untrue and does harm to a person (or entity)."

Mind Your P’s & C’s

April 25, 2010


I've always viewed the political dialectic as one where Progressives were never satisfied with the way things are, but viewed we could move society to something better. Conservatives, in my view, were the ones who tempered the vision of Progressives...

Tea for No One

April 15, 2010


I just love it: A group of WMass locals hired a bus to attend a Tea Party rally hosted by Sarah Palin in Boston yesterday.