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It Takes a Village

January 18, 2015


One favorite grouse of conservatives is how liberal activist judges have overstepped their bounds and have legislated on their own. Now that the numbers of conservative judges outweigh liberals (especially on the Supreme Court), it is interesting how much of a liking these conservative judges have taken to becoming activist judges and legislating in their […]

The New Face of Demagogy

February 11, 2012


I guess it's OK for corporations to spend tons of money lobbying, but not OK for hundreds of thousands (and more) citizens to express their opinions.

Walking the Plank

January 15, 2012


SOPA and Protect IP are supposed to protect the world from a glut of illegally copied work. But who is this legislation really going to protect? Who needs due process anyhow? Why the scurvy mindset where everyone's an eye-patch-wearing pirate? Avast, ye mateys.

The Best of the Best & Don’t Copy This

December 21, 2011


It rankles me when someone touts something as the "Best." I'm also in distemper about the "all you can eat" approach towards copyright duration.

Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right

April 5, 2010


Usually, New York Times's ethicist Randy Cohen is on the ball. Like Jorge Posada last night, he's dropped a couple and let them glide through to the backstop.