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‘Tis a Pity He’s Wallowing in Self Pity

May 29, 2017


WARNING: Do not read this post. The author is being incredibly self indulgent and is going to engage in an orgy of self pity. Abandon any regard for the writer, ye who enter. Usually I look forward to the summer when I valiantly try to make headway on the piles of books that have grown […]

A Standing O

August 20, 2015


Our pet causes. My first cause is my family. And in my family my son. Right now there is no cure for what ails my son, but if you want, consider a gift to these organizations that are working for a cure, or at least better treatments

Get the Extended Warranty

April 12, 2010


There's no shortage of things that can get me incensed, but this weekend's news brought one home that's a no-brainer: the woman (I won't dignify her with the title of "mother") from Tennessee who shipped her adoptive son back to Russia.