Quale Press LLC is an independent, small publishing house that also provides desktop-based services to other publishers.

Quale Press LLC focuses on publishing work that deals with the connections between everything — on the “qualities” everything, and everyone, evinces and shares. We have a special emphasis on prose poetry, experimental fiction and politically progressive literature.

First started as InText Publishing Services by founder and owner Gian Lombardo in May 1988, the company was based in the Boston area and focused on providing publishers with desktop publishing production services, training and consulting in addition to the copy and substantive editing, production, budgeting, project management and consultation services that Lombardo was offering clients on a freelance basis since 1984.

In September 1991, InText moved to Western Massachusetts and expanded its client base geographically while maintaining a significant client base in the Boston area.

In an effort to make use of the services InText already provided other publishers, Lombardo decided in January 1997 to widen the focus of InText. The company’s name was changed to Quale Press LLC to reflect the company’s direct move into publishing with the launch that month of a small literary magazine, key satch(el), and the publication that spring of a specialized book targeted to the electronics manufacturing industry. Quale Press LLC continues to provide publishing services as well as producing and developing its own publishing projects.

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  1. stevenfama

    August 27, 2010

    Hi Gian,

    I write here, in response to your kind offer, in the comments to a post by John Olson on his blog, to send me reviews copies. While appreciated, I must decline. I enjoy buying books too much!


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